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What can be said at all, can be said clearly ~ Ludwig Wittgenstein

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So you have taken the first step in hiring a professional freelance writer--deciding that you need one. Now, however, you are faced with a more difficult decision. Which writer for hire is the right writer for hire? Of the literally thousands of freelance copywriters out there, how can you choose? Simple. The right freelance writer is the one that will treat your project as his or her own, will not stop until you are satisfied, and will not require payment unless you use their work. As a freelancer, I do all these things--and more.

I enjoy working with people and I love to write. The combination gives me an edge in the freelance writing industry. I'm outgoing enough to ask all the right questions and lucky enough that I never get bored doing my job. I believe any piece of writing is worthy of perfection, be it a three-hundred page company handbook, a vacuum cleaner manual, or the back of a box of macaroni and cheese.

I have always gone the extra mile for my clients. You will find that I am meticulous, that my work is original, and that I will consistently produce above and beyond expectations.

Freelance Writing Services

Writer Wintress I graduated, Cum Laude, 2000 from Rice University with a Bachelors in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and have been writing ever since.  My science background has come in handy for a variety of projects from technical writing assignments to medical website content, but I've always enjoyed creative work as well.  A truly versatile writer is a rare catch, but I'm living proof they're out there.

Thanks to all my wonderful clients, I got so busy, I was either going to have to take down the website or hire somebody else.  This is Meghan, my cowriter.  She's also a Rice Graduate.  Her writing is always energetic, interesting and creative.  And she does some awesome research work. 


Research Project
"OH MY GOD!  YOU ARE AMAZING!!  What you have gathered so far exceeds any of my expectations!  WOW!  You ask AMAZING questions."
--Ghostwriting Client

Marketing Writing
Each time that you and I begin to consider a concept, I am wowed by your work. -- Bill, New Jersey

Website Content
Hi, just wanted to tell you that I got six calls this week, not all booked appt. but they are looking at it and arouse enough curiosity to call.  Isn't that great??  I got a call today from Oklahoma, another from New Jersey and another from west Texas somewhere, so and so on." --Alan Kosta, Hairstylist

Personal Essay
"I love it!!  ....almost made me cry!!  hehe you are good!!!"  -- Billy, Hollywood Backgrounds

Journal Articles
"I can't believe it!  I just heard back, and remember how I told you I submitted to the hardest journal first?!  Well, they love it.  Three different reviewers took the time to write revision requests.  This is the BEST thing we could have possibly hoped for!"
--Ghostwriting Client   

Proofreading & Editing
"You are indeed a pro -- your changes are fantastic..."
-- John, eBox

Personal Essay
"A very original and interesting way to tell my story!" -- Claudia, Actress

Website Content
"I quickly skimmed through the site tonight and laughed through the whole site.  Excellent, Excellent, Awesome, Excellent again!  I love it!"  -- Scott Wells, Colorado


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